MC Don Blanquito - Artist Spotlight

I'd like to spotlight a fellow gringo who loves Brazilian Funk. Don Blanquito is a rapper who grew up in LA. He's lived all over the the US, including here in Washington, DC! (I wonder if he was the other white guy at any of the Go Go's I was at?) He is currently living in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. His has a unique style that is raw and uncut whether he is rapping in English, Spanish or Portuguese. He also does Favela Funk in Portuguese, obviously. (Are there any artists that do Favela Funk in other languages)?

If you are a fan of Go Go Gringo or Go Go Craig you will love this dude. He most definitely has Ruffneck Style. You have to check out his videos. Even if you don't speak Portuguese you'll understand the chorus (or is it the refrain) of "Berber Tudo". I don't how he did this, but considering I only understood about 10 words, that song is one of the dirtiest songs I have ever heard!

I would have said "Berber Tudo" was my favorite track of Don Blanquito, but "Gringo Gringo" was playing in the background while I am writing this. Now I can't get the hook out of my head! "Gringo Gringo Don Blanquito..." Make sure you stay with the "Gringo Grigo" video until the beat kicks in.

If you are feeling Don Blanquito you can check out his album Wiggnorance below. If you like any or all of the tracks you can purchase them right here. All the proceeds from the sale of Don Blanquito's music on this site go to a worthy cause, paying for a flight so I can go to Brazil and party with this mothafucka!


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