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Go Go Gringo is the name Go Go Craig goes by when I DJ South American music. I love all types of South American music. Some of my favorite music comes from Brazil. Favela funk or Baile Funk is Brazil's version of Go Go. The parties look like Go Go's back in the 80's. The music is similar to Miami Bass or Baltimore Club. Samba music is sensual and features Congos. Brazilian hip hop is one of my my favorites to. Go Go Gringo is the name of my next CD, and will mix Samba, Favela Funk and Reggaeton. Until then if you love Brazilian music - and Brazilian women - Check out my favorite Brazilian videos:

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Two out of three aint bad

Taking two out of the three podium positions in last Sunday's Germani Grand Prix should make most Brazilians proud. Unfortunately for Filipe Massa fans, Englishman Lewis Hamilton took his second race win in a row.

For the first time in F1 history there was a three way tie for championship at the midpoint of the season. Hamilton and Massa were one and 2 on the grid to start the race.

After a crash by Timo Glock, Hamilton did not pit under the caution. Everyone said he cant win the race. Well everyone was wrong because he pulled the most amazing pass of the season to get by Massa. He also pulled the most bullshit pass of the season of his teammate Kovalainen (No team orders in F1 eh?)

The most surprising story of the day was that those french bamas over at Reneut somehow got Nelson Piquet Jr. to only need one stop, got lucky by being in the pits during the crash and finished in second place!

My biggest complaint is to Fox Sports. Some of us want to see the post race interviews. Especially since it was Nelson Piquet Jr.'s first podium! Thank goodness the next race is back on Speed TV.

Brawn: Honda to retain Button and Barrichello for 2009

Honda team principal Ross Brawn has said their driver line-up of Britain's Jenson Button and Brazilian Rubens Barrichello will remain unchanged for the 2009 Formula One season. Honda are experiencing a difficult 2008 campaign, but with both Button and Barrichello proven race winners, Brawn insists it is the car and not the men behind the wheel that is the team's primary concern...

A Brazilian is number 1 in F1

Or should I say tied for number 1.

Felipe Massa is in a 3 way tie for 1st place in the Formula 1 points lead with his Ferrari teammate Kimi Räikkönen and England's Lewis Hamilton. Massa, the 27-year-old Sao Paulo driver, is the first Brazilian to lead the standings since the late triple champion Ayrton Senna in 1993.

The 2008 F1 season has been insane. Whether you are into seeing Hamilton "bunda bump" Kimi in Canada:

or "Mad Max's" Nazi Sex Orgies, this season does not disappoint.

The English Grand Prix race was no exception. It rained through most of the race. Big ups to Hamilton who absolutely owned the rest of the field.

Not surprisingly most of the excitement was provided by Brazilians. Felipe Massa did not have a great race, spinning five times on his way to 13 place. Not very good, but being able to spin a car 5 seperate times in the same race is very fun to watch. It was like he was samba dancing in his Ferrari.

Nelson Piquet Jr. has been stepping up his game lately as there are rumors the rookie Brazilian is driving for his job. I love to see young drivers under pressure, they make some exciting moves.

But by far the most exciting racing was done by Rubens Barrichello. When it started to rain, every other driver on the track was racing in thier "wet" tires, Barrichello had on his "Extreme Wet" tires. I do not know shit about tires, but Barrichello just started flying by the other drivers. He went from 16th place to 2nd place and most likely would have won except there was a problem when he refueled and he had to make one more pitstop than everyone else. He still finished in 3rd place for the 1st time since 2005.

I loved seeing Barrichello finish on the podium but it annoyed me because the whole race the announcers kept talking about how great it was to see an old man like Barrichello using his age and experience to his advantage. I have always thought of myself as the "Rubens Barrichello of DJs" and Rubens is only 36 (I am 35) so I felt they were in effect saying I was old, but that may be a stretch...

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